May 05, 2014

DIY Mask for Dry Skin

Hey everyone!

Who has dry skin? Maybe some of you guys have ones (including me). But if you're still wondering what kind of skin type that you have, then I'm gonna have to tell you this. Do you have rough, dull complexion? Rough patches? Your skin feel tight? More wrinkles? Invisible pores? If yes, then you have one. Dry skin.

Don't worry guys, I got something homemade to tell you that really works on my skin. It's not something that's really complicated. You don't need a whole day to make it. Maybe just five minutes. And it's super easy! You only need two ingredients, and those are honey and olive oil. You can easily find honey and olive oil in your kitchen or you can buy them though.

Here are the ingredients:

-  one table spoon of extra virgin olive oil

-  two table spoon of honey

Just mix those ingredients and put the mixture in the microwave for like 20 seconds. And Baammm!!! It will be a perfect mixture and ready to use. Apply this warm mask and make sure it's not too hot for your face. Wait until 5 minutes and rinse off.

If you have really dry skin then you can use this mask, I think, two or three times a week. I've been using this mask and so in love with it. I don't have dry skin problem  anymore like rough and dull complexion, rough patches cuz this mask is hydrating really well. Give it a try and then your skin will feel smooth and very hydrated.


  1. What about oily skin?

    Dang, I didn't know you have a blog, babe :P

  2. I blog bout dry skin cuz its my own skin type hehehehehhe
    i will have to do some research to blog about oily skin...

    i just started to write again babe... thanks for the comment <3