February 19, 2015

Top 5 Must-Have Makeup Basic Essentials

Hey Everyone!

This was definitely my first post this year after such a long break (I think it's three months and it's too long, I guess ;p). If you guys made some new year resolutions and one of them was to start wearing makeup, then I hope this post will help you or at least give you some ideas on what to start with first. Alright, these are my make up basic essentials:

  • BB Cream
Why is it not foundation? That's because foundation is kinda heavy for some of you who are still new to makeup. So just try BB Cream for a couple months as a warm up product to your face then you can use foundation afterwards.
  • Concealer
If you have dark circle, dark spots, or acne scar, then concealer will be your bestfriend! And when BB Cream cannot cover your flaws, let concealer does the works. You guys could apply the concealer to cover dark circle under the eye, dark spots, and acne scars after the BB Cream. I can't live without this product because it makes such a huge difference.
  • Mascara & Eyelash Curler
Pick the best mascara of your choice. For me, it should be waterproof, no flaking or smudging. Most of girls like mascara because it will enhance your beauty from your eyes by accentuating your lashes. You could always use eyelash curler to make your lashes stand out so that you guys can get that bigger eye look.
  • Blush / Bronzer
You can either use blush or bronzer for your cheeks. Bronzer gives you a warm sun-kissed look, while blush can create a rosy or peachy fresh look on your face. However, you could use these two products at the same time. The bronzer is for contouring your cheekbones, and you could use the blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Lipgloss / Lipstain / Lipstick
Girls, we are so lucky because we can choose any lip products that really suit our needs. If you want that sexy-glossy looking lips, the best choice for you is lipgloss. Lipstick is my favorite and I use it on daily basis. For you guys who want some lip products with the long-wearing formula, lipstain might be the right choice.

Let me know your own makeup basic essentials because sharing is caring! :D
Have a great day everyone!

November 17, 2014

My Hair Care Routine

Hi everyone!

Long time ago, I was totally neglecting my hair. It's been, I think more than 5 years since I have a long hair which needs more attention than short hair (duh!). But that doesn't mean if you guys have short hair, you don't do any hair care or something like that. That's not right, you still have to give your hair some loves. Well, back to my story again, the time I realize that I need to give my hair some attention, it was when I saw some dry split ends and it made my hair look frizzy. That's not even cool. So I decided to try out some products that might work on my hair. I have not-too-oily and not-too-dry roots a.k.a. normal, but kinda dry from below roots to the end part of my hair. Anyways, I hope this hair care routine would work for you guys!

Good hair day after hair care <3

1. Pick out the good shampoo that suits your needs

I bet everyone already has their own favorite shampoo. My choices are the ones which prevent dandruff and hair loss or sometimes some shampoo that have more oil ingredients to moisturize my hair more. But guys, do not wash your hair everyday cuz it can lead to some scalp issues. Let's do it like 2-3 times a week. I personally wash my hair twice a week but if I find it too greasy, it will be 3 times a week.

2. Never skip your conditioner
No matter how busy you guys are, I would recommend not to skip this step. Cuz you might be too lazy to apply conditioner or hair mask but believe me, if you guys have dry hair like me, you will notice the difference. But for those who have greasy or oily scalp, just apply the conditioner or hair mask from the length to the ends part of your hair.
3. Hair vitamins / hair oil is a must
Applying some hair vitamins is my favorite step. Just apply this babies on your damp hair, not the scalp but just your beautiful hair. You can do this everyday cuz maybe your hair needs more vitamins. But I'm currently in love with hair oil products cuz it makes my hair look shiny and healthy. Good-bye dry hair!
4. Getting to know the heat protectant spray
Hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can damage your hair even they are the highest quality tools. That is why you need heat protectant spray before using those tools cuz it will create a barrier between your hair and the hot tools.

5. Eat healthy and drink more water

Beside the four things above, of course you have to eat a healthy, balanced diet to help your hair growth. And don't forget to drink more water. Why more? Cuz maybe some of you guys still don't drink as much water as your body needs.
What about your hair care routine? If you guys have other tips then just let me know! :D