April 18, 2014

What Women Look For In A Man

Hey everyone!

According to some research out there, there are some man's personal traits that women look for. But in my post, I'm gonna pick out some that's (of course) based on my own opinion. I got eight traits and here they are:

I strongly believe that this trait is on every women's top-list. I think I don't have to explain it because it's pretty clear why it's on the top-list.

I would say this is the most important thing for me. You know, guys, dating a smart, intelligent man is such a turn on for women.

A woman gets a positive signal on a man for just being responsible for some simple things. That way she could see that someday a man might commit.

Sense of Humor
I love how a man could make me feel happy in my stressful day. His ability that makes me laugh whenever I'm about to get mad is just epic!

Women will feel secure with the man she's with if he feels secure in his own skin. Show her that you can handle unfamiliar people or situations.

I feel safe and secure when my man said "I'm here." Means that he's ready to listen to me, my problems or anything.

Sense of Style
The way a man dress reflects on the woman he's with. I'm not saying it should be suit and tie, but just a clean outfit and a good smell would be alright though.

Women recognize a good body as indicative of a man of discipline and self-control. I really like a man who always stays fit and healthy.

For the girls, what about your top-list traits of your man? You got different ones? And for the boys, do you guys have some of the traits I listed above? I hope you guys do.

Source: http://www.menshealth.com/

Image: http:/girlsgoboyadvice.myewebsite.com/

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