April 16, 2014

Hey, I'm Back!

Hi everyone! It's been like 3 years since my last post here on my blog. I went through lots of things in the last 3 years and they made me even more growing up. Back to 2011, I was still studying at University when I started to write my blog, but now I have a job and got married already. Well, that's pretty much it. And I'm gonna be 25 next month (Oh, no!). But it's alright though. 

I was trying to find something that I like, I mean, beside twitter and instagram. I can share anything with those things but sometimes I need like more stuffs to talk about or to tell you guys my opinion about something. Well, I still can share my stuffs but probably it's just the title on twitter and the pics on instagram. That's why I need a BIGGER space to place my writings. Then I decided to blog instead of just being on twitter and instagram (I'm still using them though).

I will write about anything that I really like and probably I hate too or my experiences later in the future. Since I'm gonna be 25 soon (that's not the only reason :p), right now I'm like more concern about my skin, how to keep it healthy and fresh, and how to stay young. I think the key is not just using good skincare products but food, water and workouts. It's not that late to realize that those things are very important for your life. So no matter how young or how old we are, we should have at least a good lifestyle. I know it doesn't seem important right now when we are young but later on, who knows?

I think that was all. I'm gonna get back here later on my next post. I hope you guys all have a very good day!

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