March 27, 2011

Types of Boys, Girls Should Avoid

Hey girls, never waste your life for a boy who will never value you..

Here are the types of the worthless boys you should avoid:

1. Boy who is using you - A girl can identify this very easily and quickly. If a boy calls you when he needs you, like for an outing (with friends where his friends are with their respective girlfriends), late night parties, long-drives etc. such boys are not at all trustworthy. So, a girl should we aware of the boys who fall in this category.

2. Boy who does not respect you - Every small thing depicts the real nature of boys. If a boy ignores you in the presence of his friends or he is not talking to you because he feels uncomfortable or shy to talk to you in front of his friends, then he is just playing with your feelings.

3. Boy who want you to adjust but he won't do so - Sometimes boys want their girl friend to be more adjusting and understanding but when it comes to them, they won't do so. When you ask something they immediately get angry and feel irritated, such boys are bad charactered and you should stay away from them.

4. Boy who is advising you to deceive your parents - Sometimes boys say certain things, which are indirectly taking a girl against her parents. Boys call their girl friend for a movie and ask them to make any false excuse to their parents. They want a girl to lie to her parents but they don't want a rejection. Such are selfish boys.

5. Boy who abuses you - Boys talk rudely and harshly with girls. Nothing can be expected from such type of boys.

6. Boy who frequently asks you for a kiss or a hug (before marriage) - Boys asking for kiss and hug are the boys who only desire for physical activity. Stay away from such boys. Of course kiss and hugs are a part of love life but only if is in a certain limit.

7. Boy who asks you to lose your identity - Often boys want their girl friends to do this ... or that. They impose many restrictions on their girl friend; indirectly putting a condition for you that if you want to be with them, you will have to do as you are asked to do.

8. Boy who avoids giving you complete answer - Boys have the habit of giving incomplete answers. Even if you ask them whether they love you or not, they would reply you in a different way but will not give you true and complete answer.

9. Boy who never keeps his promise - Boys who never keep their promises are not trustworthy. Girl desires for a trustworthy boy. If he loves you, he would try his level best to keep-up his promise.

10. Boy who never says sorry - Boys think, as they are the superiors. If a boy truly loves a girl, he will never feel insulted in apologizing. If he feels insulted in saying, then don't insult yourself by being with such a boy.

I hope you will find such a good boy.. :D

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  1. A good girl deserves a good boy, a bad girl deserves a bad boy and vise versa.

    If you love a boy with your heart, he will love you with his heart too.

    But if you pretend to love a boy that you don`t just for money or status, he will pretend to love you too just for sex.

    Trust me, i`am not telling u a lie LOL

  2. do I know you? LOL

    thank you for your opinion... :D