January 15, 2011

Gimme One More Time

Basically, I haven't prepared all the things coming up to the future. It's like yesterday, I just started my senior high-school. This year, I have to prepare everything for my job (I will graduate from university this year, Amen). You know, I wanna be a kid again. Kids don't need to give a thought to anything. They just spend their time playing all day and sleep tight at night.

Hmmm, full of envious to the kids all over the world now... :'(


  1. Growing older is a natural process we all go through in our life time, you are not alone, so don`t be scared.Yeah, sometimes we feel like scare of getting older but actually we do scare to face our future life. Sometimes we think.. will i be happy with my future job, will i be happy with my future family, will i be happy with my future husband/wife etc. Yeah that`s life...

  2. Yeah. I believe I can face all of 'em. :D

    Massive thanks for leaving a good comment for me.